The PVP community is leaning toward Crowfall

The Crowfall team is very willing to use the efforts of others. The use of Unity 5 proves their willingness to build on what others accomplished rather than wastefully ‘reinvent the wheel’. With that belief in mind I hope to create a fair and constantly updating comparison of the two games. This is so that Crowfall devs and the players base can hopefully learn from their most direct competitor and create a better game than Crowfall otherwise would have been.

To people who say that the games are like apples to oranges; I would respond by saying your type are the kind who would argue Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops are entirely different games. Yes they’re different games, yes they have different features and game modes but they’re not that different.

To people who say they are not competitors read above and note two things: 1) they are coming out around the same time with a similar amount and depth of things to offer 2) no one who devotes a sensible amount of time to playing games has time to max out chars on both games.


This topic or at the very least this post will not be a place to argue or discuss what you like or dislike. Instead this simply states the similarities and differences. But when I rate certain things in a game I do so along three lines: 1) Achievement feeling (or some other emotional high) 2) Awe factor 3) Intriguing information.

If people want to help me expand this list please do not include things like: the marketing model, presentation style, business plan, who’s on the team, amount of work done before starting the kickstarter, ability to deliver the product etc. Instead please only focus on things that will be in the finished game.

Have no personal experience with the COD series myself, but to me it is more like CS compared to TF2. Both are FPS games, but beyond that, everything else is pretty different. I enjoy both, but for completely different reasons. Or League compared to SMITE. Can’t stand LOL, but SMITE is enjoyable at times, despite them sharing a lot of the same general game play design.

Interesting “positive” way to look at the to products, but I personally wouldn’t want any of CU in CF. From the looks of it, ACE is on the same page and everything I have concern about with CU is being left out or done very differently in CF. Not really sure what ACE could “learn” from another Pre-Alpha product at this point, also considering the talent/history of both teams, don’t really think they need to peek at the desk next to them to get the answers.

Shadowbane is not still (technically) playable and people who are jonesing are going to private servers. Crowfall is trying to learn from those mistakes and do something different. Shadowbane folks are going around aggressively asserting themselves thanking people for being free loot bags who don’t want PVP.

I think the PVP community is leaning toward Crowfall; however it depends on the launch dates coinciding with one another at all. I have a feeling people will dabble in both desperate to find meaningful PVP that isn’t regulated to arenas or battlegrounds.

It’s not just that (I lean the same as you) but also the fact that Camelot Unchained stylizes itself as the spiritual successor to DAoC while throwing out things that actually caused many fond memories of DAoC. And in addition struggles to be unique in other aspects that are likely not that interesting to begin with and thus are simply making things overly complicated (like the vox magica crafting or this rubbish ado about how to implement stealth while trying to implement stealth not at all).

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