The VIP system doesn’t allow multiple AT specialization

The VIP system doesn’t allow multiple AT specialization if you want to use the combat tree. Two of the main trees in the combat line are Armor Specialization and Weapon Specialization. I would like to use the VIP system to play a Confessor or Frostweaver and a melee class like Templar or Knight. If I were to specialize in Plate armor I would receive no benefit when I play my Confessor or Frostweaver. I would basically be running around as a Confessor with a trained AT tree, but 0 benefit from Combat/Harvest/Exploration trees. If I specialized in my caster weapon, then my Templar or Knight would gain 0 benefit from the Combat tree.

The VIP system is too expensive for the perks provided. You can tell Crowfall was designed to be played for years based on the length of the skill trees. If I go one account and VIP system then I would pay $50 + ($15 x 12 months) = $230 for one year. I keep paying monthly so the price will keep going up.


Or I could pay for 3 accounts ($50 + $50 + $50) = $150 for one year. This is also a fixed rate and if I played 10 years the price wouldn’t go up. The game price will eventually go down to making this an even cheaper option as time goes on.

This allows me to have 3 AT trees and 3 Combat/Exploration/Harvest trees trained, one specialized for each AT. It also fixes the issue I raised above in 1. I can also multi box and use 2 or 3 characters at the same time. I can let my friends play one of my characters to try the game or share my Siege Specialist or Crafter account with the guild.

They simply haven’t adjusted the VIP system to fit with the Vessel system yet. The VIP system came first then they went to the vessel system and they’ve stated they’ll be changing how VIP works to fit the vessel system. Its likely pretty low on the priority list atm.

Even if they can, there will most likely be a certain armor type that certain classes should wear. I don’t think it would make sense to spec plate armor then use a Duelist, Knight and Confessor as my 3 VIPs, all wearing plate armor.

I have a gripe with the combat tree. I already admit this on other threads. The VIP system is flawed due to the combat system and the better alternative of multiple accounts.

Multiple Universals is something you gain by buying Multiple accounts. So what does the VIP system offer that makes it superior to the Multiple Account option? Right now it seems like an ACE cash grab for suckers who can’t see they are better off buying multiple accounts.

Want you want isn’t really specialization, its multiple “specializations”, which is pretty much the opposite of what that word means. At least in the MMORPG sense of the word. Buying VIP tokens through in game currency is even cheaper, so why not factor that in to your “math” is all I’m saying. Oh yeah we know why its inconvenient to that argument.

Besides like I already replied before when you brought up buying accounts is that you are running the risk of wasting money when your intent was to save money if they make changes down the road. Which is why its always a gamble when you spend money on a Pre-Alpha product where things can and will change. Then to spend even more money based on assumptions and hopes things wont change? Yeah that’s not a problem that ACE needs to solve, that’s on you.

OP hit the nail on the head. Something will need to be done, that’s for sure. Most of the real value, for me at least, went out the door with the vessel system. I of course have years of VIP given the kickstarter package I bought, so it will not really effect their revenue model. But to pitch to those coming after… well yeah. I’m sure they will offer something, I just don’t know what yet. Let’s hope it’s worth it. I mean, given the time/scale/depth of the training/discipline trees, one would be forced at this point to buy more accounts to stay competetive. Unless of course you plan on only ever playing one toon.

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