Warmane Guides: Dungeon Finder

Dungeon Finder is really a tool for acquiring groups for 5-player dungeons, also as a implies of straight getting into these situations. Dungeon Finder could be accessed by means of the Group Finder, discovered via a button on the micro menu at the bottom of your user interface. Dungeon Finder is unlocked at level 15.

Dungeon Finder selects players to kind a party from all servers inside the battlegroup, so there want not be a full group of players on one distinct realm. Note that it’s not attainable to queue for dungeons outdoors of your player’s level bracket or expansion level; e.g. level 80 players cannot queue for classic or Burning Crusade dungeons.
The very first screen players see shows the part selection toggles and also the variety of dungeon preferred. By default, the choice is for a random dungeon. This can be changed via the Kind drop-down to such options as Random Lich King Heroic, Random Burning Crusade Dungeon, or Random Classic Dungeon. Running a random dungeon confers extra rewards within the kind of emblems and gold.
Deciding on a certain dungeon or dungeons is often achieved by deciding on the really initially choice inside the Kind drop-down. The UI modifications to show a list of dungeons, all of which are chosen. To narrow the list, click the checkbox subsequent to the category line to select/deselect all dungeons in that category. Players also can collapse categories of dungeons by clicking the +/- box simply to the left in the category checkbox.

Searching for additional
So the tank left, or perhaps a healer disconnected, or even a DPS got kicked. How does the party add a replacement member?
1. Somebody within the group opens the Dungeon Finder frame and answers “yes” around the refill screen
2. The other celebration members confirm their roles
3. The celebration joins the queue
four. When a replacement is found, the new member might be teleported to the celebration leader’s present location

Removing a player
You could remove a player in the group by way of the Vote Kick Technique.

Leaving a group
After you join a group you got by way of the Dungeon Finder you may be on Dungeon Finder cooldown, preventing you from joining a different random group for the subsequent 30 minutes (in the time you had been matched having a dungeon). You will find the following exceptions:
1. You got kicked in the group
2. The finish boss (or whoever provides the reward for joining an LFD group) from the instance has been killed
Additionally, if you leave or are kicked from a group before among the list of bosses is killed, you might obtain the Dungeon Deserter debuff, which will protect against you from using the Dungeon or Raid Finder for 30 minutes.

Dungeon Finder: Contact to Arms
The Call to Arms dungeon program is intended to lower queue occasions by supplying added rewards for queuing because the at the moment least represented part. To be eligible for the additional rewards you will need to solo queue to get a random level-90 Heroic inside the role that is definitely currently being Referred to as to Arms and full the dungeon by killing the final boss. Every single time you hit these requirements (there’s no daily limit) you’ll acquire a goodie bag that will include some gold, a opportunity at a uncommon gem, a opportunity at a flask/potion, a superb likelihood of receiving a non-combat pet (which includes cross faction pets), and a incredibly uncommon likelihood at receiving a mount.

LookingForGroup channel
Moreover to Dungeon Finder, everyone in capital cities automatically joins the Looking For Group channel. It may be used to manually search for groups rather than, or moreover to, both Dungeon Finder and Seeking Raid.

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