What is the point at taking “combat” skills out of the passive system

Right before sleeping I was wondering, since all the game is about crafting, gathering ressource, what is the point at taking “combat” skills out of the passive system ? I feel like if you don’t pick “exploration” or “crafting” you are useless. I mean, every single part of the game is about crafting, every single part of their “teasing” video is about the crafting system (an insane one that I really like) but I’m not a crafter and all they are talking about is crafting items with incredible stats, gathering ressources for EK or guild but as a “fighter”, gathering ressources and crafting is useless, I will more likely pick “combat” out of the “universal” skills but if I do so, I will miss 90% of the game.. Of killing crafters but again, miss all the crafting thing about Crowfall which is, for now, more than 90% of the game..

Right, I can go “combat” and being able to outdamage someone that went full craft, but this will be my only source of fun. I love the crafting system, for real, having to craft every single part of an item, being able to mix stats but.. That is not what I enjoy the most in an MMORPG (even if I enjoy it).


Again, I feel like, at the moment, you must take crafter to enjoy what they are building.. Which is not very very good since you have the “choice” to take something else. The “choice”..The main argument of Crowfall is about the crafting system which is insane. So, going “combat” will make me miss a big amount of the game. Having a name that everyone recognize for making very good items etc…

Being known for killing guys is good too for me, but again.. If I do so I will still miss 90% of the game as a fighter. Exploring the map will be my second source of entertainment. I think that they should balance a liiiittle bit this, not making fighter being able to fight and craft, this is bad and useless, but being able to enjoy the system a little bit more than just having the power to kill easier.

I have read almost all of the FAQs, and seen all of their videos, the most recurrent thing is the deep gathering ressources/crafting system. World PVP to take someone’s inventory, to take his ressources. Farming ressources for the guild or EK, crafting for your gear. Defending quarries, mines, POIs as they call it because they are big amount of ressources to take the lead from another faction in order to build things.

You seem to be coming from an solo perspective and so you are not entirely wrong. Playing this game solo without the backing of guild crafters and harvesters will be difficult if not impossible. Even guilds will struggle if they do not prioritize this. As a lot of people keep reminding me, we still have yet to see PoI’s like mines, quarries, and forests, and the blue print system, so until I can test these myself I can’t make up my mind for sure but from what I have seen I am a little concerned.

Dude you make no sense. The reason you fight is A)Fun and B)Payment. The point that when you defend a POI all stuff go to the crafters dont make sense, they are using it to make stuff for you too (Payment). It is a circle. You fight to defend your stuff (or steal) so that you can fight better. Like i said it is all about the PvP, raiding your enemies castles or taking over a enemy POI.

Try to read it again and again, I made it clear enough. In few words, fighting is good for me but if I go full “combat” in the passive tree, I will not be able to enjoy the crafting system, for ever. Like, if someday I want to do something out of the crating system I will not be able to do so since I’ll need to take “crafting” or “exploration” and by doing so I will lose a considerable amount of time waiting for this skill to rise up while I could have maintain my previous “combat” skills to master it.

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